YPO — Becoming a worthy leader

by Maryanne Mooney

Worthy leaders believe in their ability to deliver on something bigger than themselves and to impact positively on the lives of others.

In the two decades I have been working with leaders, I’ve collected 360-survey data on thousands of leaders, their capabilities and their impact. Here are the top strengths and challenges of 10,000 leaders anonymously scored by their raters in rank order.

Launching without a rocket

by Maryanne Mooney

Eighty percent of people believe they have a book in them. But what to do with a dream, when it finally appears in your hands? The most common observation I receive, as a new author is - “You must be proud.” To be honest, I am deeply content, rather than full of pride. I know I can competently complete a project. But could I help people expand their leadership impact, via a book? I regularly help as a coach and facilitator, but the written wor...