I was enraptured by the book’s arc, use of original photography to support the vulnerable sharing of personal narrative and compelling case studies that brought to life the beauty of being authentic. The map provides practical and meaningful tools for every leader, with deep, soulful and purposeful wisdom that will inspire readers in their journey to become worthy leaders and positively impact the world.

Barry Kaplan
The Power of Vulnerability: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting Inward


Maryanne has a rare gift of skilfully and gently drawing your attention to those inner places of vulnerability that we all have and must face in order to grow. In this treasure of a book, Maryanne shares her vast and rich direct experiences with practical wisdom and tenderness. Through relatable examples and frameworks based on decades of caring and insightful observation, Maryanne strives to help business leaders reach their highest potential and purpose. Maryanne offers a refreshingly different kind of business book that draws on timeless knowledge to reclaim what is too often lost in the pursuit of commercial goals. ‘The Worthy Leader’ reminds leaders of their true nature and their ability to make an outsized positive impact on society.

Sherman Ma
Founder and Executive Director of Liberty Financial PTY LTD


Wow! This book is unbelievable and truly amazing. It really moved me. Maryanne has knocked it out of the ball park. It is visually stimulating and I am going to use all of the coaching questions in my work. The lay out is very clear and crisp. All the visuals, the creative pieces, the colours and the photos are fabulous. It is logical and in each step there is space to expand and explore. It is part teaching and learning, part game plan, part discussion and a great reflection tool. So much wisdom - a gift to the leadership development industry.

Patience Shutts
International Executive Retreats Facilitator


I just wanted to let you know that I have just finished reading your book. It is everything I believe in and feel passionately about. I loved it. Congratulations, and thank you so much for writing, and sharing, all the love, wisdom and experience you have poured into this wonderful resource. It is written in such an inspiring, eloquent and intelligent way.
There has never been a more important time to have the tools of worthy leadership outlined, and realigned to. Your book is such a powerful and beautiful resource, to remind us all of the important qualities to remain focused on. I look forward to spreading the word, and sending this book far and wide.

Kathy Rowse
Midwife, Naturopath , Reiki Master

Your book is so brilliant, from creative design, very moving stories from clients, your courageous authenticity and most of all it’s wisdom. You’ve provided a framework that can be applied to every challenge to grow and change. A step by step process. I’m going to follow the steps of the 15 coordinates but with the goal of a Worthy Life.

Barbara Ingram, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology


Leadership and coaching are industries brimming with consultants, models, frameworks and publications, but there exists a standout. Maryanne is a gifted, intelligent and authentic coach and the culmination of her years of building and growing leaders is carefully and caringly compiled in her book, The Worthy Leader – From Potential to Mastery. Maryanne’s engaging and skilful capacity to get leaders to dig deep to unearth human potential and grow is second to none.

The Worthy Leader is an out of the box, leadership must have.

Christine Mathieson
Chief Executive Officer
Expression Australia


The Worthy Leader is not a book so much to be read, as to be experienced. Maryanne Mooney, you are my new SIFU (kongfu master)!
The visual artistry in The Worthy Leader accentuates the message - beautifully and powerfully! There are parts that are text-dense too, which satisfies my intellect. The book still follows the structure of a traditional book, but with a flair that calls forth the intuitive. Perhaps uncomfortable for some but that is the challenge the book presents.

Then there is the content itself. Wow! Sifu* speaks.

Learning requires
Deep attention
As the words
Like poetry

I look forward to going through the book again not once, but many times.
I highly recommend The Worthy Leader for leaders and leader coaches!

Dr Johnben Loy
Founder and Clinical Director
Re Kindle, Kuala Lumpur


Not since Peter Senge’s ‘The Fifth Discipline, ’ have I read anything on leadership quite as good as ‘The Worthy Leader’; so much to admire and inspire.”

David Long
Chairman and Director of Companies; 25 year YPO member.