Maryanne designs and facilitates retreats for forums, groups, teams and organisations. Her highly rated retreats generate individual and group insights to maximise personal and professional impact. Retreats are all customised to suit the unique needs of the group.


"Maryanne on behalf of our forum, we wanted to thank you for making our retreat so special.  We discussed the impact you had on all of us yesterday and its clear you touched us all! I asked the team for feedback and would like to pass it on:

“Taught us to be more thoughtful”
“Gave us something we can build on”
“Not too intense, made it simple”
“We did not go through the motions, some moments of discomfort to push us forward”
“Better outcome for the moderator who could fully participate” 
“Journey Upside was insightful and great can we have a framework or toolkit”

Finally we concluded that a facilitated Retreat was a far better experience and now that we have taken the time to get to know each other and work together we would like to invite you back to our Retreat next year, subject to availability.  That says it all!"

Brendon Riley
— YPO Gold Moderator


Purpose Quest

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain. A 2-day residential workshop, set in a natural environment, that allows individuals and groups to rediscover their core purpose. Tapping into our purpose provides a source of energy and inspiration which allows us to sustain an appetite for discovery and innovation. Many participants describe the workshop as life changing. Choosing to live your life with purpose and on purpose is the ultimate act of self-care.


The Worthy Leader Workshop

A 1-or 2-day workshop designed to help you live your purpose and to increase your positive impact. The 1-day workshop is an excellent sequel to the Purpose Quest experience. Leveraging a renewed, clear sense of purpose allows you to influence and lead with significance and impact. The 2-day workshop acknowledges that the world needs better leaders and invites you to become one of them! By accelerating your leadership development, you will increase your awareness, confidence and positive impact. You are more likely to build teams and organisations where people thrive, and results expand. You will shift from a state of latency to legacy and become a worthy leader.


Coaching Conversations

A 2-day workshop teaching and empowering forums, groups and teams to resolve relevant, important challenges using a peer coaching method and skills. The Worthy Leader Map underpins the process as it is designed to help individuals and groups find clarity in complexity and to deliver on their visions. Leaders and teams in the 21st century need to reflect the swiftly changing world and our unknown future. Meeting this challenge is much easier with a map that draws our attention to what is going on both within us and around us, to allow collective wisdom to emerge.


Wisdom Within

A 3-day residential workshop, in a natural setting that allows individuals in a group setting, to map their own journey to wisdom. It is a deep, personal exploration designed to achieve practical transformation that translates into sustainable personal and professional fulfillment. A series of reflective exercises allows you to trace your life story, examine your current life and design an inspiring future, drawing on your deeper understanding of yourself, your challenges and your dreams. There is nothing more rewarding than making the decision to come home to ourselves to lead a happy, successful life.