The Worthy Leader Book – From Potential to Mastery

Whether you are in the first day of your leadership role or your last, discover how to increase your impact; how to become worthier.

Leadership coach Maryanne Mooney invites you to engage in a meaningful conversation with her about your potential and new and emerging possibilities. Stories of leaders who have lost their way and accessed their wisdom are combined with a practical, comprehensive map that will both support and inspire your growth and development.

The Worthy Leader Map detailed in the book draws on ancient wisdom and modern leadership practice. It is designed for everyone and you can access it with ease during your leadership journey.

I have used it to help thousands of leaders in many countries, become clear, about how to continually deliver on their potential. By accelerating your leadership development you will increase your awareness, confidence and positive impact. You can make decisions and changes that will deliver affirmative, wide-reaching and long lasting benefits for many. You are more likely to build teams and organisations where people thrive and results expand.

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